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Apr 18

300 followers and counting - I love you all, beautiful people - a poem and pandahugs for you

I was lucky not to come across close-mindedness

Regarding who I am or mostly who I want to be

Not one a person yet has threatened to harm or kill

That I will go to hell for loving, somehow I’m still free

So all that energy I’d waste on coping, crying

I gladly offer you, my friend on wire

Life isn’t easy, but that shouldn’t have to mean

That I can’t give some comfort maybe, to live some naïve dream

               Dear, I’ll tell you what you want to hear

In lame words perhaps, virtual hugs, the kind you almost feel

And all the hate, the core of all dire things

Are not worth your time, girl, get rid of them

           A safe haven, still many of them cannot see

Respect and neglect to become what we hate to be

Let all of us just love, even if it’s not that easy

Take what I can miss, I give it willingly

              Keep using your brain girl, you rock that shit

Balance life out sometimes by turning it off

Keep up the strength to show respect even if it’s not returned

‘cause you can love, yes, without the opposite

Falsely investing your time in revulsion

              Sail your ship, my friend, loaded with canons or not

Just don’t blow holes in the others’, don’t start a war

Keep those doubts at bay and remember the real intent

Hardship’s don’t pay that much

               Anybody who tells you what you have to do


sail victoriously, the sea is wide on here

stretched from the Canal over the seas towards Australia

‘till somewhere around the USA, don’t need eighty days

Ain’t the world a round place?

Yeah, infiniteness, always!

              Whether I am 10 hours behind your back

Or you are catching up during the night

All you people here, hearts and souls, worth to be living

Being, now and tomorrow, until we figure this out

Somehow together, somehow like one

In peacefully difference we’ll eventually stand strong

           …May I dream?



do you ever realize that we spend our days hoping imaginary people will kiss each other


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haven’t made an embroidery in a while.


haven’t made an embroidery in a while.

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stop wasting your time with HATE


Stop. Read this.

That shirt looks great on you.

I like it when you smile

I care about you.

It’s gonna be okay.

I’m so happy you’re alive.

Stay strong, everyone.

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I’m living the queer world on tumblr, so I can stand the straight world outside



"extremely attractive semi-evil women with great hair" still remains the greatest description of my taste in fictional characters ever. 


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straight women who casually use the word “girlfriend” to refer to their platonic lady friends, i have nothing against you, but you make the world really confusing,

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“Memory is not frozen, it’s very much alive, it moves, it changes.” Louis Malle from proustitute (via billyjane)

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why is no one talking about this

'Black Widow' is listed for 2015 on Scarlett Johansson's IMDB page.




why is no one talking about this

'Black Widow' is listed for 2015 on Scarlett Johansson's IMDB page.

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#this is it #this is emma swan #this is your savior, everybody

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